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Collage Only 

Created spur-of-the moment, these collages are made using packaging from Seattle, all from my recycling bin.  Since these pieces are quite small, I have priced them quite low so if you love my art, you may want to cop one. 

Some of the bottle caps and tabs I have used in this series were ones I saved over time particularly for this series. I love how packaging is very telling of a location. These pieces are all VERY Seattle. 

A collage tribute to the PNW. 

$2.26 Trillion

In stock
Product Details

Title: $2.26 Trillion

Size: 12" x 14"
Mixed Media on Canvas
Statement: This is the approximate amount of military spending in Afghanistan’s “War on Terror” from 2001-2021.

This painting is a part of my ongoing 3m0j! Series. Stay tuned for more!

Artist: 1971/Rohena Alam Khan
Social Media: @artby1971
Price: $350

Venmo: @modernBangladesh
Cash App: $ModernBangladesh

Will ship worldwide.
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Purchase from The 3m0j! Series

In this series, I combine compassion with my love of emojis.

If these paintings speak to you, consider buying one. 

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